Go.roku.com is a web address which makes it easy to activate Roku wireless device. You can stream all your favorite channels via a WiFi connection using Roku device. Free as well as paid channels are available such as YouTube, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Google Play Movies and then some. With go.roku.com, you can add or remove several channels using Roku channel store.

Before connecting Roku streaming player, be certain to access a constant internet connection for streaming the media content in high quality. Select any one of the latest Roku models such as Roku Ultra, Roku Express, Roku Premiere, Roku Streaming Stick, to name a few. If you find any difficulty while choosing the device for you, get on-the-spot firestick help from our certified technicians. Just dial 1-844-748-9017.

Activate Roku Wireless Device using go.roku.com

Basically, go.roku.com allows you to setup Roku without the remote. If the remote is non-functional due to some technical issues or gets lost or misplaced, don’t worry as you can still set up Roku player with ease. Simply walk through the step-by-step guide given below:

  • Download and install Roku app on your device.
  • Once done, open the app and select remote option.
  • Connect Roku to your TV.
  • Turn on TV and apply the right HDMI input to it.
  • Connect it to an available WiFi connection.
  • Enter the network name and password.
  • Go.roku.com asks for activation code.
  • Fill in the code and follow the instructions given on the screen.

Now, your Roku wireless device has been set up. Don’t forget to take firestick help from our technical support executives on toll-free 1-844-748-9017 in case of any type of issues whether they are minor or major.

How to add channels through go.roku.com

Once done with Roku WiFi Setup, add channels to the device as per your preferences. To do so, select the home button on remote. The main screen will arise in front of you. Just choose Streaming Channels option.

Go.Roku.com/technical support

Type the channel name in search bar. If you find this channel in the search results, add it right away in case it is free. But if it is paid one, click on buy to purchase and add the respective channel. Remember to provide a PIN to secure your purchases and keep payment information updated.

Fix: Roku Low Power

Despite the fact that streaming on Roku is the best experience, sometimes the stick gets the issue of low power warning i.e. go.roku.com/lowpower. Around 99% of the users are unaware of the fact that a proper amount of power is required to start and use the streaming device without any issue. Roku Stick can be powered by connecting to the USB port of TV. However, in some cases, USB power is not sufficient for stick.

Roku Low Power

In case you run the firestick on low power even after properly setting it up using Roku Link, it can cause other troubling problems like crashing on device and instability. Roku Low Power issue is indicated by two different ways.

1. Red Light Flashing

Roku players generally come with a light in front side. Usually, it is either off or shows white color. But if it displays red flash, it indicates that the device is getting the low power. Solid red color of the light shows that the device is overheating. To fix Roku low power issue, unplug the player and plug it in back again.

2. Low Power Warning

If Roku player is getting insufficient power from TV, there will be warning messages on your TV screen. In this case, connect the player to a power outlet and provide the additional required power. Try using a different USB port. Or replace the USB cable with a new one. If the issue is still troubling you, get technical support at 1-844-748-9017.